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Snapt Aria Load Balancer IP based access control

The main mechanism used to facilitate access control on Snapt Group, Frontend and Backend entries is ACL Management.

Among a number of different ACL directives, users commonly make use of the following access based on IP address, based on IP address range or based on URL.

To begin go to Balancer -> ACL Management


In ACL Management click on Add ACL.


After clicking on Add ACL you will be prompted to name your ACL, assuming you want to block a single IP from accessing the group we call the ACL bad_ip for example.

In order to check what IP address is used set

  • Match Criterion: src
  • Match Operator: Plain
  • Value (ip_address): set this to the IP you wish to use for this ACL but we will use for an example


If you wish to create an IP Address List simply add the IP Addresses but separate them with a single space. You can also add an IP Address Range by using CIDR format (


In order to check what URL is used create an ACL with the following

  • Match Criterion: url_beg
  • Match Operator: Plain
  • e.g. Value String: foo/bar


Once you are satisfied with the ACL which you created you will be able to see your newly created ACLs under Current ACLs menu tab


Now all that is left is to navigate to Group, Frontend or Backend Management depending on which you wish to make use of the ACL and click edit


Then apply the ACL under Access Control.

In the example below all 3 have been applied to the Group.

Updated on August 11, 2020

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