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Snapt Aria: CD/USB Hardware

  1. Visit our downloads page – downloads.snapt.net
  2. Boot the .raw file from your USB or CD image
  1. Run “su -” and enter “snapt” as the password
  2. Run “yast2 live-installer”
  3. Press ALT+A, then ALT+N to proceed
  4. Select your timezone, press ALT+N to proceed
  5. Press ALT+N to accept default partitions
  6. Enter your username and password for logging in. Press ALT+N to proceed
  7. Accept the setup by pressing ALT+I to Install
  8. Should you have any warnings press ALT+O for continue
  9. After installation, remove the install media (CD, USB) and choose Reboot Now
  10. Once the system has finished booting you can type “getipaddress” if running DHCP or run “networkConfig” to set the IP address statically.
  11. You can now open a web browser and navigate to http://youripaddress:8080 and login to Snapt with the default username and password (admin/admin)
Updated on April 9, 2020

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