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Change from a trial to paid license

You can easily remove your demo license and load your newly purchased license by going to Dashboard > License and then by clicking on either Delete Demo License or Change Serial

Don't panic!

Changing your license or serial number won’t cause any downtime on Snapt Aria!

Serial numbers are how Snapt Aria identifies an individual license, and then a specific server. Your serial number will look like this: 10101927.

Step 1: Go to Licensing

Go to your Dashboard -> License menu option as shown in the image below.

This is where you manage all your licensing for the specific system, as well as where you can get your Install Key.

Step 2: Remove the Demo

Click Delete Demo License or Change Serial to remove the serial from the system.

This will then log you out and you’ll need to login and authentic your Snapt Aria install using your Snapt Shop (e.g. shop.snapt.net) username and password used when you first registered for Snapt.


After you’ve successfully logged in again, you can then select the newly purchased serial number. You’ll then need to follow the guide, Serializing a License to apply a unique install key to your license.


Updated on September 18, 2020

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