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Snapt Aria’s Default Username and Password

Snapt Aria License Login

After you have deployed Snapt Aria virtual load balancer, you’ll first need to log in with your shop.snapt.net username and password and then select your trial or paid license. You’ll see the following when the above is required:

If you forgot your password for shop.snapt.net you can then easily reset it here > https://shop.snapt.net/lost_password.php

You’ll only need to do this once. The next time you access your Snapt IP:8080 you’ll be directed to the Management User Interface Login.

PS: You can use one trial license for multiple instances installs

Snapt Management UI

The Snapt Aria Management UI Login default login details are as follows:

Username: admin

Password: admin


User: snapt

Password: snapt

Root User:

User: root

Password: snapt

Updated on March 18, 2020

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