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Deploying Snapt Aria in DigitalOcean

Snapt Aria can be directly deployed from the DigitalOcean Marketplace which provides for easy access and setup.

Step 1: Deploy from Digital Ocean Marketplace

Head over to https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/apps/snapt-aria-1

And click on “Create Snapt Aria Droplet” and follow the prompts


Step 2: Log in to Snapt Aria

Now that you have a droplet and an IP address, go to your droplet IP on port 8080 in your web browser and license it.

This will follow the standard Snapt Aria installation, so you can follow any of our guides from this point on, or schedule a demo with us.

Remember to SSH into your droplet and ensure you change the passwords for the users snapt and root, or block SSH access.


Updated on November 26, 2021

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