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EC2 Setup Guide

Install Snapt from the AWS Marketplace

Snapt is available for deployment from the AWS marketplace. The instructions below highlight the steps involved.

1. Visit Snapt’s AWS marketplace profile page. Click on the ADC listing.

2. Subscribe to our ADC offering on the AWS Marketplace.

3. Once subscribed, click “Continue to Configuration”.

4. Select your “Fulfillment Option” or AMI type, “Software Version” of the Snapt ADC to deploy and the “Region” you would like to deploy to.

5. Select options to launch your AWS EC2 machine via the EC2 web console or by continuing to use the wizard.

6. Continuing to use the web wizard, select your “EC2 Instance Type”, “VPC Settings”, “Subnet Settings”, “Security Group Settings”, “Key Pair Settings”.

Some of these options will be auto-filled. If there is a need to create any of the above, the website wizard provides an easy and inline way to do this.

7. After supplying the requested information, click launch to launch your new Snapt EC2 VM.

Connecting to your new Snapt AWS EC2 instance.

1. Once the new instance has booted, open a web browser and navigate to http://youripaddress:8080 (“youripaddress” being the public IP assigned to your new AWS EC2 machine).

2. Enter your Snapt shop username and password and continue to step 2.

3. Select your license from the drop down and click finalize.
4. Done! You should now be presented with the Snapt framework login page.
5. On the login screen login with Username:admin Password:admin

6. Navigate to Setup>Update manager

7. Click on the Manual Update tab and select ‘Run Framework Update’ (This must be done before any additional modules are installed).

Updated on August 7, 2019

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