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How to change the IP address the Snapt Aria UI runs on?

By default, the Snapt Aria Management UI will listen to all IP addresses bound to it. This means that if you have configured IP Alias’ or VIP’s you’ll be able to access the Snapt Aria UI on those IP addresses.

We can edit the config file that runs the Snapt Aria UI and specify a single IP address if you want to limit access to the User Interface from only 1 IP address.

Step 1: Login via SSH/CLI

The first step would be to establish an SSH/CLI session with your Snapt Aria Virtual Machine. You also want to connect as the “root” user. If you have not changed the default password of the “root” user, the password is “snapt

Step 2: Access the config file

Please navigate to the directory depending on your install type

Snapt Aria VM Image:


Snapt Aria Bundle Install:


Step 3: Edit the config file

We now need to edit the config file with your desired text editor (VIM or nano, etc)


After opening the config file, you want to look for the following line:

# Configure a single IP for Snapt to bind to?
#server.bind = "localhost"

We want to remove the “#” next to “server.bind” and then where we see “localhost” replace that with “your.ip.address.here”

The end result should look something like this:

PLEASE NOTE: The above change will only affect your HTTP access port. To have access via HTTPS (port 8081) also restricted to your server.bind, please add your IP address next to “:8081” as below screenshot:


Step 4: Restart Snapt Aria UI

The last step would be to restart the Snapt Aria UI depending on the installation type: Snapt Aria Virtual Machine Image or Snapt Aria Bundle

Snapt Aria VM Image:


killall lighttpd


systemctl start lighttpd

Snapt Aria Bundle Install:


killall lighttpd


Updated on May 13, 2020

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