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How to change the timezone in Snapt Aria

Snapt Aria comes set to GMT+0 aka UTC. This affects the graphs, reporting, and dates in alerts and more.

You can change this to whatever time zone you prefer. We recommend also configuring Time Sync (NTP).

Changing the timezone

You can run the following command on the CLI (via SSH or on console) to change the timezone:

yast2 timezone

You will then be able to choose a timezone and press ALT+O to save it. After changing the timezone you must reboot the system. Below is a sample image of what you should see:


Configuring time syncing

If your time is wrong it may be the actual time on the system and not the timezone. You can set up automatic time syncing (NTP) by going to Setup -> Configuration -> Snapt Settings.

This can also be seen below:


Updated on September 18, 2020

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