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How to force clear Accelerator caches?

If you are using the caching functionality within the Accelerator, you might find that after you deploy new website code, that your users are being served with old content. This is due to the cached items being served directly to your users.

Please see below 2 options for clearing the cache.

Option 1: Via the Snapt UI

Login to the Snapt UI and hover of the Accelerator Icon followed by Caching

Next, click on “Cache Purge

Next, we can specify a URL string for which we want to clear, or by keeping the search box empty, it will do a wildcard search for everything in the cache.

After the search has been completed, you’ll be presented with a list below on the page, with the option to delete record items one by one, or by deleting all the returned results.

Option 2: Via Snapt CLI/SSH Session

You can run the following commands:

# sudo rm -rv /data/*/cache/*

# sudo rm -rv /var/ngx*/*
Updated on August 5, 2019

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