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How to manually serialize Snapt Aria Load Balancer (offline)

We understand that sometimes you cannot allow Snapt Aria to access the internet for licensing, plugin and framework updates due to company policy. In this case, we’ve also designed Snapt Aria to work in an offline environment.

We’ll now look at how you can serialize Snapt Aria offline without internet access.

Please note that this guide assumes that you’ve already downloaded and installed Snapt Aria.

Step 1: Downloading Snapt Aria RAW

Log into your Snapt Aria virtual load balancer client portal and then navigate to Download

Next click on Architecture button


Now select the Serial Number you want to install onto your Snapt Aria install followed by Download!

Step 2: Extracting the downloaded archive

Now we need to extract the file from the downloaded archive. Please follow the steps according to your OS below.


For Microsoft Windows users, you’ll need to download an appropriate archive extractor to extract the .tar.gz archive.


For Linux users, if you’re running on a GUI based distro, you should be able to use the package manager on your system to extract. However, if you’re running a CLI you can use the following to extract the archive.

Tar -xzf SnaptFramework-*.tar.gz

Step 3: Getting your serial.snp

After you’ve extracted the archive, you’ll find the serial.snp in …/config

Step 4: Copy serial.snp to Snapt Aria Load Balancer

Now you’ll need to copy your serial.snp file to your Snapt Aria install.

Depending on your install (Snapt Aria image or Bundle) the directory where you place serial.snp will slightly change. Please see below for the correct path.

Snapt Aria Image Install:


Snapt Aria Bundle Install:


Step 5: Serialize your license and upload

Please follow the guide “Serializing your License” to fully activate Snapt Aria software load balancer.

Updated on March 18, 2020

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