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How to setup email alerts

Email setup is important as it allows the system to contact you in the event of problems, for lost passwords, reporting and any other communications from the user interface (UI).

We support using Sendmail (the systems built in email) or alternatively SMTP directly to a server. SMTP is the preferred method as it is often more reliable, and it supports TLS, authentication and more.

To setup the alerts navigate to:

Setup > Configuration > Email Configuration

And click on the Email Setup tab.

Note: to change the Alert Destination, please change your admin users email address in Setup > User Management.

Option 1: Sendmail

To make use of this built-in option, you need to specify the email address to which notifications will be sent to.


Email Setup tab > Configuration pane > Email Method drop-down

Simply select Sendmail.

You can set the email address under:

Email Setup tab > Configuration pane > From Address field

Option 2: SMTP

You may choose to use your own SMTP server, for which you will need to set the authentication credentials.


Email Setup tab > Configuration pane > Email Method drop-down

Select SMTP.

Next, also under the Configuration pane, you can now set SMTP server IP/Hostname and Port, alongside the supported secured protocols (SSL or TLS):

Finally, go to:

Email Setup tab > Authentication pane > Use Authentication field

And set the appropriate authentication method to use (login, plan, and CRAM-MD5).

Updated on November 27, 2018

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