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HTTP Server Status explanation

On the Live Dashboard for Snapt you will see a Status column. For example, it may say “UP [L7OK] in 4ms”. The brackets give you the current health status, and what it means.

Below is a table of what the various values indicate.

Code Meaning
L4OK check passed on layer 4, no upper layers testing enabled
L4TOUT layer 1-4 timeout
L4CON layer 1-4 connection problem, “Connection refused” or “No route to host”
L6OK check passed on layer 6
L6TOUT layer 6 (SSL) timeout
L6RSP layer 6 invalid response – protocol error
L7OK check passed on layer 7
L7OKC check conditionally passed on layer 7
L7TOUT layer 7 (HTTP/SMTP) timeout
L7RSP layer 7 invalid response – protocol error
L7STS layer 7 response error, for example HTTP 5xx

Updated on October 6, 2018

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