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Installing Snapt Aria Load Balancer in Azure

Snapt Aria is an excellent virtual load balancing, web acceleration and Web Application Firewall solution for the Microsoft Azure cloud. We provide full support for deployments in Azure, and recommend using a standard Ubuntu Linux install to run Snapt Aria.

You can also run the Snapt Aria VM images (https://downloads.snapt.net) on an existing Virtual Machine server.

Guide for installing Snapt Aria in Azure

  1. Run an Ubuntu (or similar) Linux image. We support all Linux flavors.
  2. Download the Snapt Aria Bundled installer for Default-Linux, if you are using Ubuntu.
  3. Run sudo tar -C / -xvf SnaptBundle-YOURSERIAL.tar.gz replacing the file with your downloaded bundle name.
  4. Run sudo /usr/local/snapt/start.sh to start the process.
  5. Ensure the Azure firewall allows port 8080 TCP connections. By default, it will block port 8080 connections, as can your Linux distribution.
  6. Run “sudo apt-get install haproxy” to install the binary required for the network Load Balancer.
  7. Go to your IP on port 8080 with a web browser, and proceed to log in and use Snapt Aria. Your username will be admin and the password admin.

Post Installation

Now that you have installed Snapt Aria virtual load balancer, you can use it as you would any Snapt Aria device. For an intro to setting Snapt Aria up please watch our demo video.

Updated on March 18, 2020

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