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Moving a Snapt license

Once you have serialized a purchased license, it becomes “hardware locked” to the install key that has been generated.

Since the install key is made up of several pieces, if they change as a result of you moving your Snapt license to a new server, you might end up being locked out of the user interface (UI).

Note: even if you are locked out of the UI, license issues will NEVER stop the load balancer or accelerator from running. They only prevent you from managing them.

Here’s what you need to do in order to move your Snapt installation and a functional license.

How to Move a Snapt License

Step 1: Re-Install Snapt

You will need to install Snapt in your new environment.

Snapt can be downloaded and installed for a number of systems, from vanilla Linux installations, Red Hat distributions, in Open Virtualization Format (OVF), on Virtual Hard Disk (VHD), VMWare, and others.

Go to downloads.snapt.net and follow the installation instructions accordingly.

Step 2: Create a Support Ticket

Once you have moved your installation, you can create a ticket or complete a support question form to have your license cleared, at which stage you can re-serialize the license (next step). This will be done free of charge, but on a per-instance basis to prevent abuse.

Submit a request ticket to get your license cleared.

Step 3: Serialize Your New License

Serializing is a crucial part of setting up a non-trial version of Snapt. This allows us to generate your license which in turn will allow you to use the framework, get updates and receive support.

See the Serializing a license guide for further instructions.

Updated on October 14, 2019

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