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Serializing a Snapt Aria license

Serializing is a crucial part of setting up a non-trial version of Snapt Aria. This allows us to generate your license which in turn will allow you to use the Framework, get updates and support.

Please Note

If you are changing serial numbers (e.g. moving from a demo license to a paid license) please follow these steps first. They will allow you to remove your old demo serial number and put your newly purchased one on.

Change Serial

You can do this by going to Dashboard > License and clicking on “Change Serial”

Logging In

Please use your Snapt Shop login details to login again, then select your newly purchased license.

Step 1: Obtain your install key

You’ll need to log into your Snapt Aria install and then navigate to the License section found under the Dashboard menu.

Next, click on the tab in the top right corner.

The install key is an encrypted string that identifies your device, based on several factors like MAC address, architecture, VM, etc. By identifying this the license can then be locked onto that single installation, preventing people from buying one Snapt Aria license and running it multiple times.

There are situations (certain VM setups) where you need to ignore the hard drive information. To do this create a plain file in the path “/etc/snapt/disable_uuid” and we will ignore the UUID of the disk.

Step 2: Generate your install key

Now select your interface card, and Operating System (OS) followed by clicking on the Save button. This will then generate a unique key for your Snapt Aria install. Now copy all the text in the box below.

Each install key is unique to the server on which Snapt Aria is being installed so if you plan on moving your installation to a new server after you have serialized, you will need to clear your install key from the client site.

Step 3: Adding the install key to license

Now login to the Snapt Aria Client zone. Then click on Your Licenses in the section Trials and New Licenses, select the new license that needs serializing followed by Serialize License

Now copy your install key into the text box provided on screen and then click Commit Serialize

Step 4: Download your new License

Your license will now be ready for download and can be applied to your Snapt Aria installation. You can either download the license file from the client site and upload it to your Snapt Aria install or if your server has access to the internet, you can click on the Download new License button on the license screen in the Snapt Aria user interface.

Please bear in mind that should you wish to move your license file to a new Snapt Aria install, that you’ll need to clear the install key from the license and re-serialize the license following these steps. Please note that there is a limit of 3 self-service moves available. After which you’ll need to contact Snapt Support.

Updated on September 18, 2020

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