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Snapt Aria: Google Cloud Platform Deployment Guide

Snapt Aria ADC (Application Delivery Controller) is an excellent virtual load balancing, web acceleration, and Web Application Firewall solution for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We provide full support for deployments in GCP.


Step 1

First, off we’re going to deploy an ADC node. That’s really easy with the Cloud Launcher. Simply go to https://console.cloud.google.com/launcher/details/snapt-public/snapt-aria-v2

Step 2: Launch

Simply click on “Launch” to the process.

You can accept the default settings or customize them. When completed, click “Deploy” That’s it! Your Cluster is now deploying

Step 3: Done

When the deployment has been completed, you should see:

Step 4: Node IP

To launch the Snapt Aria UI (User Interface), click on the site address

Step 5: Serialization

Then you access the Snapt Aria UI for the first time, you’ll be presented with the below login screen. Please use the username and password used when signing up for your Snapt Trial License or Account to login.

For paid licenses, please see here

Step 6: Snapt Aria Login

After successfully logging in, and selecting a licence from your Snapt shop account, you will be presented with the “Snapt Aria UI” login page.

Please refer to the GCP launch wizard for username and password details:

Great! You have 1 Snapt Aria Node running on GCP.

Updated on July 8, 2020

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