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Snapt for Linux not starting after a reboot

When you install the Snapt Linux bundle, you might find that after your first reboot that the Snapt UI is not accessible anymore. This is because of the service that runs Snapt has not been started.

There are 2 options that you use. Please choose the one that works best for your environment.

Please note: This is only applicable to a Snapt Linux Bundle Installation
The Snapt VM images will auto-launch the services are a reboot.

Option 1: rc.local

If you are running the Snapt for Linux bundle you need to ensure you run the


script after you reboot or power up the server in order to load the interface.

The easier way of doing this is to add it to


above the last “exit 0” line. That will ensure it is run at any boot.

Option 2: Crontab

If you’re running on a later version of Ubuntu, such as 18.04, rc.local is no longer available, but you can still start Snapt via cronjob.

Edit the below with your preferred editor (vi, nano, etc)


And add the below into the file

@reboot root /usr/local/snapt/start.sh

Updated on October 18, 2019

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