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Snapt Aria: Offline Serialization

Snapt Aria Trial License

For the best user experience, we recommend that your Snapt Aria install has got access to the internet. This will speed up the process of installing modules, plugins and licensing your install.

But we do understand that company policy might prohibit this, and thus we do have full offline support as well.

This guide is only applicable when you see the following page when first logging into Snapt and you do not have internet access on the VM.


Step 1: Shop

Navigate to shop.snapt.net and use your credentials to log in.
Snapt Shop Login 2

Step 2: Licenses

After you logged in, please navigate to “Your Licenses”

Under “Manage Licenses” make sure you select your trial license and then click on “View License/Products”

View and manage Snapt One licenses

Step 3: Download

Download License* & Download Serial

Download Snapt One serial and license files

*If you have not yet serialized your serial number, you’ll first need to download the serial.snp file, upload it into the directory as stated below, and then follow the following guide > Serializing a Snapt Aria license

Step 4: Upload

Upload the downloaded “license.snp” and “serial.snp” to your Snapt Aria install into one of the following directories.

Snapt Aria Image Install:


Snapt Aria Bundle Install:


Step 5: Reload

Now that you have uploaded the license.snp and serial.snp files, head over to the UI of Snapt, and reload the initial page (your.snapt.ip.address:8080) You should then get to the management UI of Snapt.

Updated on June 19, 2020

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