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start.sh for the bundle isn’t working

When you run /usr/local/snapt/start.sh and it gives you an error, the most likely cause is that you might be using the wrong version or the wrong architecture (64vit vs 32bit).Please ensure that you have downloaded the correct bundle for the operating system you are using.If you have the right bundle installed and you are sure that everything has been installed correctly but you still see the following:

ERROR: Could not start lighttpd. Check /usr/local/snapt/var/log/error.lo

Then you may have another process which is currently running on port 8080 already, run “netstat -nap|grep 8080” and check if that is the case.

If there is another process currently running on port 8080 then you can either stop it or change the port for that Snapt runs on.

Should you continue to have issues feel free to contact us via email at support@snapt.net or you can log a ticket at our Support Portal.

Updated on January 11, 2019

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