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SQLSTATE[HY000]: Database disk image is malformed

If something has happened to either the snapt.db or the log.db SQLite databases used by Snapt Aria, chances are you have come across the following error:

There has been a serious error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 11 database disk image is malformed

In most cases, it is the log.db file that has become corrupted, so let’s see how to repair it.

How to Repair log.db

Depending on your installation, this file will be stored in one of the following locations:

If using the Snapt Aria software bundle:


If using an official Snapt Aria VM image:


Once you have found the appropriate directory, cd to it and run the following commands:

mv log.db log-broken.db
echo ".dump" | sqlite3 log-broken.db | sqlite3 log.db
chmod 777 log.db

For related problems with SQLite database and how to fix them, we recommend that you follow the SQLite Repair Guide.


If you followed the SQLite Repair Guide and still weren’t able to troubleshoot the problem, try contacting our 24/7 Support.

Updated on April 9, 2020

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