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How to install Snapt on VMware ESXi

Snapt and VMware are a match made in hypervisor heaven. With Snapt’s recent VMware Ready Certification you can be up and running, Load Balancing traffic, Optimizing traffic delivery and blocking bad requests in 2 minutes or less.

Let’s look at how easy it is to get Snapt installed on VMware ESXi

Step 1: Download the latest OVF

Get the latest version of our OVF. Visit our downloads page – downloads.snapt.net

Step 2: Extract the download archive

Extract the downloaded archive .tar.gz – Do note that this archive has been double compressed and will need to be extracted twice.

The extraction can be done with any of the following tools:

  1. 7-Zip
  2. Win-Zip
  3. WinRAR

Step 3: Login to your ESXi or vCenter server

Now let’s log into your ESXi or vCenter server, then navigate to the “Virtual Machine section”

Option 1: ESXi

Step 4: Choose “Create/Register VM”

Step 5: Select “Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file” and click next.

Step 6: Name your VM and choose the .ovf and .vmdk files you extracted earlier and click next.

Step 7: Select your preferred datastore to use and click next.

Step 8: Deployment Options

Select your desired Network Mappings, Disk Provisioning and choose if you’d like to power on the VM automatically.

Step 9: Verify that all the settings are correct and click “Finish”

Step 10: The import will now begin and boot the VM automatically once completed.

Step 11: After the import is finished, we need to launch the console window for some CLI commands.

Step 12: CLI Commands

Once the VM is finished booting, you can type


to get the IP address assigned to your box if you’re running on a network with DHCP.

Otherwise, you can manually assign the IP address by typing the command below, follow the onscreen instructions to set your IP address statically.

sudo networkConfig
Step 13: Login into Snapt

Now you’ll open your web browser and navigate to and login to the license authentication page with your Snapt account details.


After you’ve successfully licensed your install, will you be presented with the Snapt Management Login.


Username: admin

Password: admin

Updated on March 29, 2019

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