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What If My Site Is Dynamic?

Considering that almost every site is dynamic nowadays, we would actually be surprised if your site was static! And while you might initially think that you can only cache and accelerate old-school static sites serving plain-text HTML files, the truth is that every website can benefit from acceleration techniques.

The Benefits of Acceleration for Every Kind of Site

Consider that no matter how dynamic your web application may be, you still surely have a large amount of static content in the form of images, style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript files, among others. Additionally, the optimization engine will still run at full capacity because it is transparently rewriting your content as it comes through the proxy—so it doesn’t have to be cached!

As you can probably you see, acceleration is a lot more than caching static HTML files, and the Snapt Accelerator employs cutting edge techniques in an incredibly easy-to-use interface with setup that hardly takes more than 5 minutes.

Read What Is an Accelerator? and What is PageSpeed? to further understand the techniques that Snapt uses to dramatically improve the performance of your web applications.

Find Out More

Aside from optimization, the web accelerator also mitigates the impact on your web servers of denial-of-service attacks (DoS), to make sure that application delivers content no matter what.

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Updated on January 9, 2019

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