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What is PageSpeed?

Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions; so experiencing a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5x decrease in the time taken to load websites doesn’t sound bad at all.

And Snapt can deliver all of these to you with PageSpeed!

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Note: if you are wondering how your site is performing, you can run a comprehensive website test to determine its performance, with a report including suggestions and options for using the Accelerator.

The PageSpeed Engine

The Snapt Accelerator includes the PageSpeed engine—a software platform which transparently alters your site’s content as it passes the accelerator.

PageSpeed will immediately start optimizing your website in order to ensure your clients receive a faster browsing experience.

Some of the operations PageSpeed will perform include:

  • combining and minifying JavaScript and style sheets (CSS) files
  • recording images to be smaller and load more efficiently
  • correcting errors in your page
  • automatically setting expiry times for static content
  • and much more.

The end result of this battery of improvements will be huge page load time and render time reduction for your clients, which as we all know leads to happier clients and often significantly more sales!

For more information see Snapt Accelerator Speed Tech.

Find Out More

Aside from optimization, the web accelerator also mitigates the impact on your web servers of denial-of-service attacks (DoS), to make sure that application delivers content no matter what.

Keep reading about the Accelerator:

Updated on January 9, 2019

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