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When will the Load Balancer not compress?

The Snapt Aria Load Balancer is able to compress certain request/content, not only does this save on bandwidth cost, but also improves your customer’s experience on your website as this help to make pages load faster.

But there are certain circumstances in which the Load Balancer will override your compression setting and refuse to compress traffic.

These reasons/events are listed below.

  • The request does not advertise a supported compression algorithm in the “Accept-Encoding” header
  • The response message is not HTTP/1.1
  • HTTP status code is not 200
  • Response header “Transfer-Encoding” contains “chunked” (Temporary Workaround)
  • The response contains neither a “Content-Length” header nor a “Transfer-Encoding” whose last value is “chunked”
  • The response contains a “Content-Type” header whose first value starts with “multipart”
  • The response contains the “no-transform” value in the “Cache-control” header
  • User-Agent matches “Mozilla/4” unless it is MSIE 6 with XP SP2, or MSIE 7 and later
  • The response contains a “Content-Encoding” header, indicating that the response is already compressed (see compression offload)
Updated on March 25, 2020

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