Snapt Aria Load Balancer Source Restriction
  • 29 Dec 2021
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Snapt Aria Load Balancer Source Restriction

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Layer 4 Method

Step 1. Follow the steps below to set up your required ACL

  1. Head to Balancer -> ACL Management

  2. Then under ACL Management click Add ACL

  3. When adding an ACL fill in your desired name and click Continue

  4. Once you are on the next page you must set the Match Criterion to "src"

  5. After selecting "src", new options will be available, under Match Operator make sure it is set to "plain"

  6. You can now add the source address to the Value (ip_address) section

Step 2. Now go to Backend/Frontend Management

  1. Click edit on the Backend/Frontend that you wish to configure

  2. When editing scroll down and open the dropdown for Access Control where you will see the TCP Request section

  3. Here is where you will set the ACL by selecting Connection Accept if (Your ACL name) then add a line where you will set Connection Reject if ALWAYS

  4. Click Save to finish the setup

Layer 7 Method:

  1. Follow Step 1 from the previous section

  2. Once your ACL is created, head to Backend/Frontend Management and click edit on the Backend/Frontend you wish to configure

  3. Now select the HTTP Options menu and open Header Modification

  4. Scroll down the HTTP Request Rules and fill in the line with Allow if (your ACL)

  5. Create a new line with Deny Always

  6. You can now click Save to finish the setup