How to Clear Cache on Snapt Aria Website Accelerator
  • 10 Dec 2021
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How to Clear Cache on Snapt Aria Website Accelerator

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If you are using the caching functionality within the Web Accelerator, you might find that after you deploy a new website code, that your users are being served with old content. This is due to the cached items being served directly to your users.

Please see below 2 options for clearing the cache.

Option 1: Via the Snapt Aria UI

Login to the Snapt Aria UI and hover of the Web Accelerator Icon followed by Caching

Next, click on "Cache Purge"

Next, we can specify a URL string for which we want to clear, or by keeping the search box empty, it will do a wildcard search for everything in the cache.

After the search has been completed, you'll be presented with a list below on the page, with the option to delete record items one by one, or by deleting all the returned results.


Option 2: Via Snapt CLI/SSH Session

Log into your Snapt Aria instance using an SSH client.

Run the following commands:

****# sudo rm -rv /data/*/cache/*

# sudo rm -rv /var/ngx*/*