Snapt Aria: Redirect if all nodes are down
  • 28 Dec 2021
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Snapt Aria: Redirect if all nodes are down

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There are certain circumstances under which your network may experience an extremely high load, even with the load balancer and web accelerator, such as:

For cases like this, even when the application at hand cannot be served because none of the nodes are responding, you might still want to present something that’s useful to your end-users, such as a notice page.

How to Redirect Traffic If All Nodes Are Down

Follow these instructions to redirect traffic to a given URL if all nodes are down:

  • Navigate to:

Balancer > Group Management

  • If you have Backends in place, instead navigate to:

Balancer > Backend Management

Under the View Groups or View Backends tab click on the Servers button next to the Group or Backend you want to edit.
Once in the View Servers tab, click on the Add Server button.
Enter the server details: NameIP and Port; then click the Step 2 button.

Note: The IP and port do not really matter as we are going to redirect traffic.

  • Under the Standard Options sub-tab, set Server Type radio to Backup.
  • Add the URL to which you want traffic to be redirected to in the HTTP Redirect input field.
  • Click the Save button.


Now when all the nodes in your Group or Backend Management go down, all traffic will be redirected to your specified URL.