Snapt Aria – General error: 1 no such table
  • 14 Jan 2022
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Snapt Aria – General error: 1 no such table

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Snapt Aria uses SQLite, a file-based light-weight relational database management system (RDBMS).

If some of the various tables stored in SQLite got corrupted, you might come across the following error:

There has been a serious error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 no such table



Here are some possible scenarios and common fixes for this problem.

For other related problems with SQLite database and how to fix them, we recommend that you follow the SQLite Repair Guide.

Scenario 1: The Snapt Aria cronjob Is Not Running

Make sure that the cronjob handler for Snapt Aria is in your crontab file.

For bundle installations the line should look something like this:

/usr/local/snapt/bin/php -c /usr/local/snapt/etc/php.ini /usr/local/snapt/program/bin/cronjob.php all -r

For standalone installations you will need to replace this part:

/usr/local/snapt/bin/php -c /usr/local/snapt/etc/php.ini

with the actual path to PHP on your system.

Also, you will need to correct this part:


by setting the actual path to cronjob.php within the bin/ directory.

Don’t forget that the end of the line must have the all -r flag for the tasks to run.

Scenario 2: PHP Is Out of Date

The framework makes use of functions supported in PHP 5.2 and above, the popular server-side scripting language designed for web development.

So again, for standalone installations, you’ll have to make sure you are running at least version 5.2 of the PHP interpreter.

Scenario 3: Installation Failed

It is possible that the install script failed to initialize the databases for some reason.

The best solution, in this case, is to remove the config/default.ini file and re-open your Snapt Aria installation in the web browser, as this will redirect you back to the installation routine where any potential problems should be rectified.


If the problems persist, please try contacting our 24/7 Support.