Snapt Aria vs Amazon ELB
  • 14 Dec 2021
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Snapt Aria vs Amazon ELB

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Snapt Aria's Load Balancer is a complete software load balancing solution, with a wide variety of features and great performance. We provide it in a pre-made virtualized format that you can easily launch in EC2.

Snapt Aria provides a more advanced, more configurable and more visible load balancer for use in AWS and at an affordable price. If you need more features and more reporting then you need Snapt Aria virtual Load Balancer.

There are many situations in which you need to move away from ELB. The Snapt Aria Load Balancer is a full layer 7 load balancing solution used by thousands of clients, many of which reside in EC2. The product has thousands of features, but we have highlighted the primary differences here.

Complete Port/Protocol Control

ELB limits the ports, protocols, health checks and content you can load balance through various rules. Snapt Aria Load Balancer has no restrictions and can run on any TCP port/protocol combination.

Load Balancing Methods

Snapt Aria Load Balancer allows many advanced load balancing methods and a fortune of tweaking therein. From source hashing to least connections, URL based balancing and more the load balancer far exceeds the abilities of ELB. Within these protocols, you can also have finite control over the max connections to a server, max queue size, weights and much more.

Burst Data

ELB does not handle large variances in traffic well. It's designed to grow steadily or shrink steadily but not to handle a burst of 1000x the normal traffic you receive. If you are a media site or the likes the unpredictability of your traffic means you need a Snapt Aria Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution.


Being able to auto-scale with ELB is a fantastic feature, but, with Snapt Aria you are able to do the same! That's right, Snapt Aria integrates directly with the EC2 API to allow autoscale load balancing with faster down detection than any other solution.

ELB Timeouts

ELB has a fixed timeout of 60 seconds, this can mean that large files or requests that take a long time can timeout. It also means you can't close timeouts before then. With Snapt Aria you can configure client, server and connection timeouts.

Fixed Elastic IPs

You can use an Elastic IP with Snapt Aria, meaning you can guarantee to keep the same IP address for the load balancer.

Internal Load Balancing

You may want to load balance inside of EC2, but not in a VPC. You cannot do that with ELB, but can with the Snapt Aria Load Balancer. For example, database servers or messaging servers.

Logging Abilities

There is no logging available with ELB, with the Snapt Aria Load Balancer you get detailed performance logs and graphs as well as full TCP or HTTP logging should you wish. It can automatically be configured to send logs via Syslog allowing easy integration with any service.

True Support

Snapt provides full 24x7x365 support for its products and will support your EC2 load balancing installation. We have experienced EC2 engineers on our support staff and are ready to help.