VirtualBox - Windows
  • 28 Dec 2021
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VirtualBox - Windows

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Deploying Snapt Aria in VirtualBox on Windows is simple enough, to start just head to our Downloads Page, where you can scroll down to the VMX image and click on Download VMX.

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 1

Once the file has been downloaded, extract the archive to your desired location.

Now start VirtualBox and click on New to start the creation process.

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 2

You will now be prompted to fill in some necessary information:

Name: Snapt Aria (Or any suitable name)
Type: Linux
Version: Ubuntu (64-bit)

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 3

After clicking next you will now need to select the amount of memory (RAM) that will be allocated to the virtual machine. This should be 512MB Minimum.

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 4

Now you will have to add a virtual hard disk to the new machine. Select "Use an existing virtual hard disk file" and then find the folder that you extracted earlier and choose "Snapt_VXX.x86_64-X.X.X" after the correct file has been selected the just click on create.

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 5

You may now edit your virtual machine by clicking "Settings" or if you are happy with your setup then click "Start" which will start the VM.

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 6

Once the system has finished booting you can type “getipaddress” if running DHCP or run “networkConfig” as the root user to set the IP address statically.

VirtualBox - Windows - Image 7

You can now open a web browser and navigate to http://youripaddress:8080 and login to Snapt with the default username and password combination of (admin/admin)